The Tender Heart

The Tender Heart, a Dementia and Alzheimer Support Group, is provided at no cost to the family and
friends of our residents. It is also open to members of the surrounding community. This is a support and
educational group that meets once a month to discuss all aspects of Alzheimer’s and dementia care. This
is an open and safe place for family and friends to express any questions or concerns they may have about
their loved one; and it provides an opportunity to feel heard and understood by individuals who are on a
similar journey.

Attendees of the meetings will receive valuable information on Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of
dementia. Some topics will include: early warning signs, symptoms, diagnosis, progression and best-care
practices for individuals experiencing dementia. Attendees will also receive important information on how
to manage emotions when a loved one is first diagnosed. Other related topics will include: methods for
self-care, and strategies to enhance mental acuity.

The Oaks at Nipomo understands that the diagnosis of dementia is not only a difficult transition for the
individual themselves, but it can be a challenging adjustment for family and friends as well. We are here to
support you and your loved ones as you experience this journey together, and it is our goal to make every
day an extraordinary day!